Creativity for Sale Podcast - Episode S1 E33

A love letter to creativity, community, surfing and the universe - Matthew Haynes

Mon, 27 May 2024

"Find something that makes time slow down. If time is slowing down, you're doing something right."

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"Find something that makes time slow down. If time is slowing down, you're doing something right."~

In this conversation, Matt Haynes, a designer and the head of the design conference in Brisbane, discusses his passion for surfing and its connection to creativity. He shares his experiences of surfing big waves and the exhilaration and joy it brings.

Matt also talks about the importance of being present in the moment and how surfing allows him to escape from the pressures of everyday life. He emphasizes the need to take risks and be open to new experiences in order to find inspiration and achieve personal growth. The conversation explores the themes of personal growth, making a positive impact, and the power of learning and curiosity. It emphasizes the importance of finding one's flow state and slowing down time by being present and continuously learning.

 The conversation also touches on the significance of diversity and inclusivity in creative spaces and the need for heroes that look like everyone. The upcoming conference is described as a transformative experience that encourages self-reflection and provides opportunities for connection and growth


  • Surfing is an art form and an expression of creativity that allows individuals to be present in the moment and experience pure joy.
  • Being in the water and riding waves can provide a sense of freedom and a connection to nature that is life-changing.
  • Surfing requires patience, perseverance, and the ability to take risks, which are also important qualities in the creative process.
  • Finding a balance between work and leisure, and being fully engaged in activities, can lead to personal growth and a sense of fulfillment.
  • Being open to new experiences and stepping outside of one's comfort zone can lead to unexpected opportunities and a deeper understanding of oneself. Find your flow state and slow down time by being present and continuously learning.
  • Celebrate diversity and inclusivity in creative spaces and provide representation for all backgrounds.
  • Create opportunities for connection and growth through conferences and events.
  • Make a positive impact by helping others and shining light into dark places.
  • Embrace curiosity and the power of learning to expand your mind and transform your life.

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Radim: hello, Matt.

Matthew Haynes: you going, brother?

Radim: It's very good to see you again. and it's nice to have you on the show. I'm excited. I want to talk about many different [00:02:20] things today. And for those who might have not Never heard of you before.

Introduce yourself for us quickly.

Matthew Haynes: For everyone who's never heard of me before. my [00:02:30] name's Matt Haynes. I am, I'm a designer on the sunny coast of Queensland in Australia, and I am the head honcho at the design conference in Brisbane. It's a 

[00:02:40] good time. 

Radim: Can't get any better than that. 

Matthew Haynes: get involved.

Radim: absolutely. absolutely.

Matthew Haynes: Yeah. I mean, I don't know how to, I really don't know how to introduce myself, man.

[00:02:50] I,I'm a go getter and I've never had a job. I've never had anyone really show me what to do. I'm just following my heart, trying to do what I think is the right thing to do in the world. Trying [00:03:00] to fill my life with joy and help people do what they want to do and try and, use my conference to help my community circumnavigate all the bullshit that I've [00:03:10] been through.

for the purpose of making their lives better. Yeah, essentially that.

Radim: Well, there's your introduction. I mean, I like, I like the scrappy ones. I like the, wondery ones [00:03:20] because sometimes like when you're not really clear where you're heading,it's magical because it was a quote by David Bowie. He said, I don't know what I'm doing next, but I [00:03:30] promise it won't be boring.

And I think being that sort of being able to explore creativity, life opportunities for what they are, I think [00:03:40] that that's the most magical part. But I want to know if you got up this morning for a surf.

Matthew Haynes: Mate,I haven't been for a surf for three [00:03:50] months. about, yeah, about three months since last time we spoke.I hurt my back. we've got baby number one on the way and the due 

date is the exact [00:04:00] same date as the conference. So my goal has been to have everything wrapped up for the conference, the 1st of May.

So it's the 15th now and I've still [00:04:10] got deadlines this week. But, 12 hours a day, 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, sitting in this thing. It's just been difficult, man. I haven't been able to lift weights. [00:04:20] hasn't been that much surf to be honest, but, yeah, mate, I have not been surfing and I've just had my mind focus strictly on the concept that the baby's [00:04:30] coming.

I've got, outside of our startup, I've got, three months of like flexible time coming up and I'm just going to dive in there. Usually after the conference, I go to [00:04:40] go surfing somewhere around the world. Last year, I went to Bali and went over to, East Java and Surf G Land. And it was big.

And, this time last year we had a swell, on the [00:04:50] sunny coast. have some photos of it actually. and it was just one of those days that you fucking shitting [00:05:00] yourself. Like, I remember I got up down the beach early as fuck, all the boys down there. And I was like, got up and I was like, cause I live a little bit further away from the coast with then all my mates [00:05:10] got down there at Sparrows Fart and I was like, holy moly, get a load of this.

And it was big, it was big for where I'm from. So like three meters, three meters, three [00:05:20] meter faces, like pushing four meters. and the inside was just so heavy and just. barrel and just huge blowout barrels. And I was just like, what are you [00:05:30] guys waiting for? And they're like, just wait, it's big. And I was like waiting around and I seen this huge waves come through and I was like, it is pumping.

So I raced back to [00:05:40] my car, ripped on my wetsuit, bang, oh, wetsuit, it's a good chest zipper now. Got my board, ran back down the beach and then I saw it and it was fucking monstrous. [00:05:50] So a couple of young fellas, went down. There's a little rocky section that you can jump off and the water sucks you out. I watched those fellas paddle out and I was like, I will jump in behind them. [00:06:00] And when it's big, you don't just rip in. You sort of like take your time, paddle out. And when the last, when you see the last big set come over, That's when you just put your head down [00:06:10] and you paddle your ass off.

So when you're in the impact zone, where you just get fucking annihilated, it's just flat. And you just pray to the surf gods that it gives you, you know, [00:06:20] enough. It's called a lull. So you got the sets, the lull, the sets. And at the lull, you just pray that the lull's long enough that you just get a, catch, get into the rip, get sucked out the back.

And I got out the [00:06:30] back and I'm just sitting out there. And then these sets come in, and this particular beach I'm surfing, Watulla, There's a reef about a kilometer out at sea and all the waves that don't hit the [00:06:40] reef sort of wrap around and come into the coastline at two different angles and when those two waves crisscross on the like down towards like on the shore they go [00:06:50] from like two three plus meter waves to like a big four to five meter peak and it just Bowls out like the roundest barrels you've ever seen.

 And I think I [00:07:00] caught about four waves that day cause I was proper bricking it. And then that was my birthday weekend for my 40th. And we had a massive Yahoo here, it was loose. And then on [00:07:10] Sunday, everyone was just chilling and I was like looking at the weather. Beautiful westerly breeze, which is the offshore here, and I was like, look guys, love yours, but I'm going [00:07:20] surfing,I'm pretty sure it's going to be pumping.

I got back down the beach, same spot, there must have been 30 photographers on the beach. It was like, as good as it [00:07:30] gets, I'll show you a photo, so you know when you get a barrel, and it spits. I got more blowout barrels that day than I've had in my life, [00:07:40] altogether, and one of those adventure surfs that I'll, I will never forget, like it was so big, like, there's like a, an example, I can't see [00:07:50] myself, I hide myself, 

Radim: I can see it well. Yeah, it's amazing.

Matthew Haynes: that's a small day, oh shit, 

that was a 

small day. But I'm tucked in [00:08:00] there as well, like that's me just in there, just about to get funneled off my dome, but mate, I, I love it, it is terrifying, and I was out that surf and I thought to myself, [00:08:10] this year I'm actually going to go and surf a proper wave, and I went to G Land, and G Land was like, average six to eight foot, which is like three to four meters, and [00:08:20] One, I think on the fifth day I was at G Land, some five meter waves come through, and fucking, you're paddling up the face of them, and you're looking back and it feels like you're looking off a fucking bridge, [00:08:30] man, looking off a building, it, you're so scared, but you also got faith that you're not going to panic, because when you're surfing, the [00:08:40] wave's not going to let you go.

It lets you go when you're ready to be let, letting go of, because it can just keep sucking you down, and if panic sets in. [00:08:50] It's a terrifying feeling. So you've got to come to grips with the fact that you're going to have to hold your breath longer than you've ever held your breath and just fucking deal with that.

So once you've dealt with [00:09:00] that, then you just got to sack up. When you see your wave coming, you put your head down, you rip into the water as hard as you can. Cause when it's that big, you've got to really paddle as fast as you can to get [00:09:10] into them. And sometimes you're just free falling from the top, you know, like Puerto Escondido, like Mexico, like just so big, just free falling down to catch a rail and turn into it, just [00:09:20] goes huge blade, just come out, fucking, yeah, fucking ripper.

And all your mates are fucking hooting from the shore, fucking swinging their shit around their head. [00:09:30] Like it's, life changing, man. and that vibe, that feeling is what drives my life. I've lived for it my whole life. I don't think I could ever move [00:09:40] away from the coast. And if I ever did move from here, it would be to a more, known surf location and, like I probably moved to Indonesia, it's the [00:09:50] cost of 

living there's brilliant, pumps six months of the year and the other six months, it's probably as good as it is here constantly gets swell.

And [00:10:00] then it would have days, more days that are too big. then I have days here that I get good surf. So like I went to, when I was at Indo last year, [00:10:10] I saw 10 foot barrels and it was like proper Hawaiian style. And I would, there's, I just, there's no way I'm going in the water because you don't just paddle out in [00:10:20] 10 foot for the first time and go to the, the front of the pack and just paddle into a wave.

You've got to earn your 

keep and yeah, 

you're not going to get the money wave.

It's a wild time bro. [00:10:30] 

Radim: I have to 

tell you a 

story. I've written down a few things that you mentioned, and the last bit you just said, you're not going to paddle out in a three meter wave, if you don't know what you're [00:10:40] doing, more or less, that's exactly what I did, I was blunking about here, I was doing like, in Cornwall, sort of Western England, just you know, getting my feet,Just dipping [00:10:50] my toes basically, like just finding like, I was always a skater.

I was a nice hockey player. Like 

I grew up in a landlocked country. Right. So obviously here's every chance to get on the board is you do it. [00:11:00] And I've got that sort of obsessive, pretty much similar to you, like this sort of this addictive mindset that like, I want to be in the water for like 12 hours.

I don't freaking care, like whatever needs to [00:11:10] happen.

Matthew Haynes: that 

that set, that surf that I was telling you about, I was in the water for seven hours and it felt like two and a half. It 

Radim: I mean, even if 

Matthew Haynes: was [00:11:20] fucking pumping.

Radim: so I landed in Bali. I was like, okay, my missus was actually going to Sydney for some work. Actually we split in Singapore. I went to [00:11:30] Bali, grabbed my board, literally so excited. And I saw the waves. I'm like, oh my God, this is exactly all I wanted. The problem was potentially, it wasn't, [00:11:40] three, four meters, like three meters.

It was like, it was at least two and a half. I mean, it was two and a half to three meters for sure, but 

it was potentially wasn't bigger, but it felt like the size of a house or a truck. 

And I jumped in. 

Matthew Haynes: Oh, it feels so [00:11:50] much bigger.

Radim: Mate, and I jump in and I'm like literally kid. at Christmas day, yay, got in, out in the most [00:12:00] spectacular way.

And literally I was like, okay, this is not happening. I did a couple of times because, you know, in, Triangle Beach, you've got this sort of gnarly sort of,

undercurrent. Yeah. So I'm like [00:12:10] trying to get out. Everyone's looking at me like, what's going on? I'm like, Hey, I just arrived.

Like, no, the first idiot of the new batch is here. And. [00:12:20] since sort of decoded it, deciphered it, that to me it was a link between how we approach things in life, you know, like it kind of looks [00:12:30] doable. I'm going to do it because if you're overthinking, you might never get in that water. If you're overthinking, you might never start your business.

If you overthink this, this and that,

you will 

never start. 

Matthew Haynes: It's a fair enough [00:12:40] call, man. 

Radim: Yeah, and it's, the kind of the link, like the bit of idiocy, naivety, excitement that does what you need to do to actually to get started. Because what you said few minutes [00:12:50] ago, you said, I never held my breath longer.

Like you have to be like ready to hold your breath for longer, longer than you've ever had your breath. And this is kind of like an amazing. [00:13:00] analogy for endurance, because sometimes you just don't know what a life will throw at you that you need to deal with. And I, kind of like it because we [00:13:10] expect it not to need to hold our breaths.

You know, we like, we expect things to actually go well because we are somewhat naive, somewhat inexperienced, and we expecting things to [00:13:20] actually, you know what, they should be fine. But, It's the moment when you actually, when you're under, you don't know which way is up for a while, you have to hold your breath [00:13:30] and then you then you get up on the surface and okay, maybe it's time to get to the shore. That's where the most beautiful, maybe that's maybe the most beautiful sort of life lessons that you [00:13:40] learn, you know? So I found with what you described, obviously you light up when you talk about surf. But now you're not able to surf. How do you deal with that sort of meditative [00:13:50] aspect of surfing that you don't have access to it?

How was your last three months?

Matthew Haynes: mate, all the things that you just said, but the other side of the coin, I don't have a [00:14:00] choice. I've bitten off more than I can chew. which is not uncommon. the conference, I added workshops to the conference this year, which effectively [00:14:10] doubled the amount of content that we've got. So it doubled my work.

I'm trying to curate all these different experiences that are free for people that they can get a lot more out of the [00:14:20] conference that they can't get at home. So like maybe building their network, but doing it in a way that's fucking awesome. So people actually build genuine networks. And,I've got.

Baby number one on the way, [00:14:30] like I was saying earlier, and, my whole entire dream as a human being was to be, in a position where I could give, my child everything that I wish [00:14:40] I was given to me, in an environment where it's safe, where, we're financially free and where I can, flourish as a human [00:14:50] being and as a creative.

without, having a cost or an expense to my, my child or my family. And so,front loading my life has not been something [00:15:00] that is uncommon to me. I've just really grabbed everything I can fucking grab for the hope that I'll learn something that [00:15:10] is going to, motivate me and, tickle my boxes.

And I,my last career was a professional baseball player for the Cleveland Indians. And, when I [00:15:20] had my sights set on that, there was no way I thought I'd start a conference. And. essentially to date, I've basically had my sights set on starting a conference [00:15:30] and now starting a startup.

Like all these things are like been so massive hops, jumps, and skips between that. If I had some sort of a [00:15:40] rigid plan, I would not be where I am here now. I wouldn't be talking to you. I wouldn't have had the experiences I've had. So essentially I've just sort of nominated [00:15:50] myself as a, to the universe and asked it to politely consider me and my dreams, to be, factored into its equation, for the purpose of, [00:16:00] me making an impact on this world that is going to be beneficial to more people other than myself.

And so, like. Yeah, I fucking love surfing and [00:16:10] I'll always surf. I'll never quit surfing, but right now there's 750 people that are relying on me to blow their fucking mind into smithereens. And I, if, [00:16:20] look, if my back was sweet, I'd be out there. I would have gone surfing probably four times over, fuck it.

I would have gone surfing as many times as possible. It would have been a good half dozen times. but, [00:16:30] cause the spot that I surf breaks on a tide and it breaks in certain wind and when it's on it'll be on for four days straight and then it doesn't break like even if there's good surf it's just [00:16:40] not, it has to have the right tide because it's a reef break and but yeah, just to summarize man, I am a surfer like I ride a lid, I ride a stand up,it is [00:16:50] I am more of a surfer than I am a designer, but deep down inside, I yearn to, create an environment that my family can [00:17:00] flourish in, that I can create,like I want to design my life and create an environment that my child can have flexibility and opportunity [00:17:10] without me having to force it into any sort of, I say it because I don't know if it's a boy or a girl, force them into,a regime that wasn't by my design.

and [00:17:20] so,I feel like I'm very close and I've been pleading with the universe that if I do my very best and I think of other people in the same [00:17:30] measurement and to which I think myself, I'm That it might bless me with the opportunity to have this thing that is just worth more than money, more than surfing, more than [00:17:40] anything.

And I think it's about to be given to me, man. So I'm so fucking grateful and I'm pumped and this will be our most profitable conference. This will be our biggest [00:17:50] conference. This is the most difficult circumstances I've ran a conference in. and bro, I'm 50 tickets away from a sellout. That's like a row and a half.

[00:18:00] Like I sold a ticket while we've been on the podcast. Like people are really starting to understand or dive into the concept [00:18:10] that TDC isn't a conference, man. It's not a conference for designers. it's a creative experience. So people in the unit,in, in our community to go [00:18:20] there and be surrounded by people who are interested in psychology.

Business, Design, Creativity, Entrepreneurialism, Owning Your Own Destiny, and just, [00:18:30] I'm gonna get on stage, literally, this year. We've got an experience for the title sequence, so there's an experience for the title sequence, it's not a title sequence, but I'm gonna walk [00:18:40] out on stage and meet people in the privacy of their own heart, and just be like, do you know what's at stake?

Like, do you understand [00:18:50] that we're all fucking slaves to a game that we didn't sign up for? And being creative people. We have the fucking keys and the nows and the [00:19:00] opportunity to set ourselves free because we can make, design, create and strategize our way out of this because that's what we do for other people.

So if you could do it for someone [00:19:10] else, why can't you do it for yourself? And that's what I'm trying to permeate through the conference. That's what's important to me and that, It's worth more than [00:19:20] surfing and if I can pull that off, surround myself with people like yourself and other people that want to help me spread this message, when I put my hand in the cookie jar, there'll be a million [00:19:30] bucks for me.

I'll be able to buy the house, pay everything off, look after the kids, travel around the world to all the different TDC events that are going to open up over the next decade [00:19:40] and live a life. That I'm so fucking proud of, bro. I'll write a fucking book, man. Makes me wanna cry.

yeah. I'm 

fucking pumped. [00:19:50] really happy for your achievements and for, especially for, for the genuine passion and pride in your work that you've got, that you've got, because you just said something, you said, I [00:20:00] nominate myself to the universe. And that's just a fantastic way to say, you know what? I'm going to do this to end up with something different to what I was given.

And I think, [00:20:10] I'm one of the sort of sub themes of this podcast is no risk, no story. 

it's a book I'm working on and it's, and it's something that keeps popping up here and there. And it's best way to [00:20:20] summarize things that you don't have to do stuff, but when you do. It really helped, you know, like it really actually unlocks the magic.

 I really like the fact that people [00:20:30] like yourself, decided to build a community, build a conference and work at it for the last 15 years without any sort of signs of slowing down is actually, as you just said, it's going to be [00:20:40] the biggest thing you've ever done. And that's, that's kind of like when you have that sort of life endurance, creative endurance, you know, like can be sitting.[00:20:50] 

In the water waiting for the wave and sometimes it never comes, but you're not going to go home, is it? No, not bitter 

like a lemon going. Well, yeah. 

 Oh, mate, I, I, get [00:21:00] very fucking bitter when I go 

down there and the, and the day before it's fucking pumping and you get back the next day and it's like too big or too small or the wind's the wrong [00:21:10] way, but yeah. That, surfing is I'm like a kid in a candy store, bro.

I just like you at that chungu. I see it and I'm like, oh, fucking [00:21:20] yes. Can't get my wetsuit on quick enough, man. Can't paddle out quick enough. 

it's honestly, man, it's pure joy.

Radim: but obviously it takes time to actually understand [00:21:30] how to catch a break, how to paddle ride, how to be on your board, like how to be at one with your board, because I think you mentioned on our, one of our conversations that it takes 21 hours. Yeah.[00:21:40] 


Matthew Haynes: Yeah. So 

Radim: that you mentioned.

Matthew Haynes: I reckon you need 20 hours. Here's the thing about surfing and general water sports is you're going to use muscles that [00:21:50] you've never used before and you need those muscles to catch the wave and they're the first muscles that are going to be fatigued when you paddle out in the ocean.

So first you just got to learn how to paddle around and [00:22:00] like first you got to learn how to do the arm wrestle before you're going to beat someone. So once you've got your fucking, you're ready to go. Then you can start paddling and then after three waves, you're going to be absolutely [00:22:10] cooked.

Some people just won't paddle for a wave for the fact that they're rooted. When you've been surfing as long as me, you just fucking go anything. Fucking bigger the [00:22:20] better. Like, fill me up mate, let's fucking go. Ragdoll me across the bottom as long as I don't split my head open, I'm happy.

You should see my [00:22:30] back. It's just scars everywhere.

Radim: is it? 

I wanna make a link between surfing and creativity because as,as you may remember, I once told you the sentence there, miracles [00:22:40] happen on any size wave. You know, obviously we talk about these incredible tall 

swells, but, you know, it could be just a heart and it could be a foot one and it can just take you on your first wave, on your [00:22:50] 

first glide 

 you kind of enjoy it.

Matthew Haynes: first things first, right? If you want to have a really good surf, you've got to be present. It's it's like [00:23:00] anything in life. If you're really going to truly appreciate it and have it as some sort of expression or an art form, you can't be in the surf thinking about [00:23:10] fucking speeding ticket that you got when you're racing down to the beach, or you probably would in that case.

But I suppose that's a really bad example. When you're in the surf [00:23:20] and you're paddling out and you're like, dawn patrol, and you're beautiful western, you're just paddling out. it's like you're swimming in God's hand. You're literally [00:23:30] looking at the horizon, the lines are out there, the sun's popping, sometimes the sun isn't up, or it might be behind a mountain or something.

And there's this beautiful, behind you, it's basically, like, [00:23:40] almost deep space. And over the head, it goes dark blue into the light blues, into a white color, and then into the morning yellow. And you look at that, [00:23:50] mate, and you're, if that shit doesn't feel like you're looking at, man, I have fucking goosebumps all over my body thinking about it.

It's like looking at the Sistine Chapel, bro, and I've [00:24:00] never seen it. But you look at it, and you can't help but feel. Like a miracle. And then you're paddling into a wave, it's beautiful and f k it, in the morning, it's, there's, it's, [00:24:10] you just have the right conditions, the water's as smooth as glass, you glide down and it comes up, wraps around you and the barrel's coming over the top of you and you can see the [00:24:20] f king light glistening through the water as it goes over the top of you, spits you out the end and you're just like, does life get any f king better than this?

I'm so present, people get a four second tube, [00:24:30] and I'll talk about it for four years. it's like another time and space dimension. Like, it's like having a car all happened so fast, but it's so [00:24:40] slow. And it's just,you're just like, I'm alive. And how do I get this? How do I manufacture this as a human being? [00:24:50] And you're saying, what's the connection? The connection is that it's an expression of creativity. Surfing is an art form, like pottery. Design is an [00:25:00] art form with strategy. Like, you wanna go and do surf comps or whatever, that's professional.

But your amateur shit? where you're doing it for the love of it, for an [00:25:10] expression, to be grateful for being born,and for your health, and for, having your friends, and the camaraderie, and the fucking beautiful fucking coffee [00:25:20] afterwards with your mate, and you're freezing your ass off, but you still have a coffee with the boys, it's given my life something that I think a lot of people [00:25:30] unfortunately miss out on, because it is, It's pure. 

It's a pure expression of life because it's natural. It's exciting. It's [00:25:40] dangerous. And, man, and I'm an absolute nerd for it. Like I love it. Yeah. I don't know how to explain it, but it's life changing. And if you ever get the opportunity to [00:25:50] truly take it up or a water sport, I genuinely encourage you to do so because It's life changing, and I think I would be a different [00:26:00] person without surfing, because it almost helps me understand where my place in the universe is, and when you understand your place in the universe, you kind of, in time and space, you [00:26:10] know where you're going, you know where you've been, and you can try and, I'd, I would extrapolate that kind of concept to Where are other people going?

Where have other people been? And can I use [00:26:20] that knowledge and understanding and empathy to maybe make an impact in their life? and then when you start to have those tiny little breakthroughs, you start to have things, wins like, My life is [00:26:30] better because I helped those people. And then fucking this is the start of Maslow's hierarchy of needs and self actualization and life's meaning.

Like [00:26:40] what's the purpose of life 

is to 

Radim: Hmm.

Matthew Haynes: help people.


You, uh, use the perfect word, which is being present. Because I think at that moment when you go in, you know, [00:26:50] when you're in a barrel, when you're just surrounded by pure water, this is like almost like the ultimate conditions for flow states. Because you might be thinking about your parking [00:27:00] ticket, but at that moment you're just done.

And you don't potentially even have the cognitive capacity to be processing some shit.

Matthew Haynes: and if you are doing that, that's like fucking, [00:27:10] it's like blasphemy. It'd be like smoking inside a church or something. It's like, you know, it's wrong. And you're just like, fuck, I'm going to let that go. 

Radim: yeah. Because 

Matthew Haynes: lesson.[00:27:20] 

Radim: Yeah, because when you think about the sort of the connection between creativity and surfing, like We don't always work when we work. We don't always sleep when we sleep and we don't always rest when [00:27:30] we rest. We've got these activities bleeding through, you know, so like when you work in, you're booking a holiday, you thinking about a parking ticket and you're buying a new hoodie or thinking maybe about a serve, then [00:27:40] when you, When you're sleeping, you're like, obviously I'm just hypothetically talking about what normally happens.

Like obviously you haven't finished the work, you haven't written yourself to do list for tomorrow. So everything bleeds into one another. So you don't [00:27:50] necessarily always ever, if always, if ever present in the moment and doing the right thing at the right time. And obviously that's just the blessing and the curse of our modern society because [00:28:00] our life is a Disneyland.

Now you can do anything you really want now. Like, you know, you want to start baking cookies in the shape of, I don't know, God knows what, and sell them in whatever. You can do this. you can start a

business being, [00:28:10] can be knitting on YouTube and making, making a global empire. Like anything can be anything, but it also makes us a lot less concentrated on what we're [00:28:20] doing because we sometimes get the ambitious anxiety going.

 I'm really want to be everything today. I really want to do it now, now, now, now. And it's just doesn't, no. Hell, [00:28:30] most of the times, well, at any times possibly, so when you're fishing for waves. It's just, that's the isolation. That's just a fantastic way. And I kind of like, it's almost [00:28:40] like if you were to put that concept into creativity, like fishing for creativity or fishing for creative ways, we would eat ourselves alive.

 Literally, we would sit out of chairs going like, [00:28:50] I'm waiting for an idea. And what we do, we label it creative block. We're like, Oh, well, I haven't got the map where I'm going. I don't know what's going to happen. So I'm, therefore [00:29:00] I'm stressing and working out. What I can do next, whereas it's the patience.

We grow into patience as a surfer. You have to have a patience because good things are about to [00:29:10] come. Sometimes you don't know, sometimes you have to read the situation better. And I think, I, yeah, I think to me, it's the amazing sort of conditions for flow states, [00:29:20] because you're at one with the thing, you're pushing yourself, you're a bit hard, obviously you need some sort of initial prep.

 give yourself time to do it. And I sort of ring fenced it at the time where actually things can happen. Whereas [00:29:30] with creativity, we are so fluid sometimes and so open to anything thinking, Oh, I've got an idea. I need to need to make it now. You don't necessarily need to because it's like you don't have to [00:29:40] go in the water when thing is okay.

 Whereas I can, I know I can wait for two more, three more hours and the swell is going to be even better. You know, I can actually enjoy it better. So [00:29:50] this is why I feel like sometimes when I ask him my talks, Is anybody here a runner? because I've got a story about three runners being my superheroes, because I can see their positive [00:30:00] habits that manifest themselves in their daily run back and forth past my old house.

And like 0. 1 percent of people actually put their hands up. I'm [00:30:10] thinking, I'm not expecting everyone to be a runner because I'm not an active runner anymore myself. I do different sports, but it's like, where do you find your cleanse? Because we are in this [00:30:20] sort of cookie jar that's sort of, tightly sealed with our creativity, with our life, with our problems, with everything.

It's like, how do you open up? Like, how do you find this? It's [00:30:30] more like exertion, like expression, like just the outlet for, you know,energy. So I kind of love that. that's this is the [00:30:40] way that you've got it, the way you describe it. And when I see you talking about it, one of the happiest people on earth.

So I'm,I'm very happy that that's what happens.

Matthew Haynes: Thank you, [00:30:50] bro. it's also,as we grow up, we go through whatever we go through and it's environment helps mold us to who we're going to be. And, everything that [00:31:00] I'm doing is, Helping me beneficially become who I want to be. Like, I'm really leaning into who I am. And like, I never wanted to be on [00:31:10] stage because I would be a big swingin dick.

I'd like to think, like I have an ego for sure. But like, it doesn't involve me being on stage. [00:31:20] that's just not part of who I am. and, I think that the most that we're talking about, like the pure form of surfing, the most pure version of who I've become and who I want to [00:31:30] be is got a lot to do with the fact that, I've stayed focused.

I've had an idea of where I wanted to go, like a radar zone. And over time, I've just [00:31:40] slowly narrowed it in to, Oh, that would be something that would bring me an immense amount of joy, as well as help me achieve my life goal of being free, [00:31:50] engaged, flexible,I don't know, there's another word there, I can't think of it, but just basically on fucking Cloud 9, man.

 Like,[00:32:00] I feel like in my life right now, like my career, it hasn't even started, man. I feel like I'm still, tiptoeing up to the dragon, and I'm like, [00:32:10] I can see you, fucker. And I'm just, trying to figure out how to fucking climb up on its back and fucking tame it. And I have all respect to it, because the dragon, [00:32:20] in this sense, is the it's not my job, but I just want to hop on top and be like, Let's fucking go.

show me the world, and I [00:32:30] will be your fucking minion. I will be your slave. Let's do this, and let's create something that I can hang my hat on, and fucking [00:32:40] be totally and utterly fucking exhausted on my deathbed and be like, guys, this is it, man. I'm fucked. I'm so fucking tired [00:32:50] and now I'm going to sleep when I die.

and it's been real. I love you guys. Give everyone a cuddle and just fucking just pass off in my sleep, [00:33:00] man, and go to the next chapter and see if I can do it again. 

I don't know, man. 

 there's a lot going on in the world and there's a lot that I want to happen. And there's a massive disparity between the world I want to live [00:33:10] in and the world that exists today.

And it's, it's a little bit frustrating for me. I want to do something brilliant.

Radim: you're already on a journey and I've congratulated you [00:33:20] on that before. It's that, as you said, free, focused and flexible. And I think, we can have a grand plans of trying to influence the [00:33:30] world at large,

 but with the radius that you've created for your world and for your center of your universe, it's already making sort of amazing impact on the people there. [00:33:40] Know you that obviously that people that sort of talk about a conference, and the whole curation of your festival, is remarkable because you've once [00:33:50] told me that was the, what is the criteria?

What's the ratio of the people that you want to know that you want to have? And that seems. Like you've already changed part of the world [00:34:00] in that respect because some places don't often do it, you know I'm not saying who's right and wrong It's just like it's a continuous change because [00:34:10] sometimes you know There's a demand and supply because you can't put on something, you can't encourage people to do something They don't want to do but with this year's conference [00:34:20] Tell me, what is your ratio of the speakers that you've got?

 What was your decision behind that, behind your choices and, and kind of how it was? Because it was quite [00:34:30] remarkable to see the number of people who put their hand up. I mean, again, we've got Information compulsion, 

 it's easy to run a conference because people want to speak. However, [00:34:40] not everyone wants to speak. And some people need to be encouraged and some people, just need their hand held up. So how did you put it all together this year? Tell me. it actually goes back a few [00:34:50] years where, cause like, let's just preface this entire statement with, I don't know what I'm doing. Like I'm still figuring everything first philosophy on the conference [00:35:00] was that the best. Ten people should speak regardless of their sex because I would take the first ten dudes or the first ten women Whoever is just [00:35:10] going to be able to give the audience what they need. It didn't occur to me that you could have more impactful experience by having a [00:35:20] diverse range of people who aren't all the world's best creatives because diversity of age, ethnicity, sexual [00:35:30] orientation, agency size, philosophy, background, career, it's more it's more sort of color in the [00:35:40] message, and, moreover that, In the audience, there's vast and varied archetypes of people from the same backgrounds that echo people on stage.[00:35:50] 

Matthew Haynes: And,people need heroes that look like them. It's important to celebrate people from all backgrounds so everyone can see, especially minorities. [00:36:00] that their heroes get celebrated to in the same vein that the traditional white bearded male gets, from the, you know, that's heading up the patriarchy.

Because, without [00:36:10] having someone that you identify with and can know, love, and trust without just on a cultural level, it opens, I feel like that when you [00:36:20] identify with the person on stage, it makes it a whole lot easier for you to lean in and the like lean in spiritually. And for me, the conference is about the [00:36:30] audience.

It's not about the people on stage. Like, they can all go fuck themselves, like as far as I'm concerned. Like, if you come to the design conference and just talk about your work, your journey, how fucking [00:36:40] good you are and awards you've won, Like you've fucking, you're a disgrace.and, like it's so fucking boring.

and some people can pull that off. some people [00:36:50] can't.Metallica can, fucking have, three new albums. I want them to play fucking Master of Puppets, fucking, The Black, some songs off the Black album, [00:37:00] Ride the Lightning, Kill Em All, like that's what I want to hear.

I don't even know the new album, like fucking, it can go fuck itself because some people are that good or were that good at one point or another. [00:37:10] But as an, like as Julie, who's got her artwork featured behind you, Julie's been practicing for 12 years, has been an illustrator for two, and that's [00:37:20] why she's speaking at TDC.

Because the pivot that she's made, as a senior or above senior creative away from what she knows to [00:37:30] step into the dark and fulfill her obligation as a creative who knows what she's capable of but it's not being given the opportunity to do so. I want every creative in the world [00:37:40] to know that if you can make your song loud enough I will put you on stage because a large minority of the people in my audience are Julie Sahlstrom's.

They [00:37:50] just don't fucking know it yet. And Julie is their champion. Fuck makes me want to cry, dude, because I needed all this shit, right? Julie is their champion. And 

 my, my [00:38:00] champion is somebody else. And for, 750 people to collectively experience the words and wisdom of their champion in an honest and [00:38:10] vulnerable and selfless way.

That is a story about. How life was beating me down and I knew I had the talent, [00:38:20] but I was so fucking scared of having to lose my house or not being able to do my repayments for this and not being able to do my repayments for that. And it's almost as a [00:38:30] battle between your head and your heart. and one's telling a different story to the other one.

One's spirit filled and one's logic filled. and your head will talk you out of what you're meant to be if you [00:38:40] let it. It'll, your head will talk you out of what you're meant to be. But honestly, if you follow your heart, just follow your heart long enough. and if you're really struggling, do [00:38:50] both.

Do an A B split test. See who's right, your head or your heart. And Just give up the piss, give up partying, give up your weekends. Just do it for [00:39:00] two or three years and watch what happens. Your life will transform by, by on a monthly basis and many [00:39:10] little steps in the right direction will take you a fucking long time, a long way over a lifetime.

And I just want the people listening to realize that [00:39:20] I'm not a fucking smart person. I've just got the balls to keep stepping. I'm just going to keep fucking stepping. I'm just going to fucking step, [00:39:30] and I'm going to step, and I'm going to fucking fight, and I'm going to try and expand my mind in every way I can manage everything, and just hope to God [00:39:40] that the universe sees me helping people, and positions my path in front of someone else who's far powerful, far more powerful than me, [00:39:50] far more experienced than me, and far more blessed than me to say, I like that kid.

I'm going to help him. How can I help you, Matt? And it's like, well, I'm doing [00:40:00] A, B, C, D, and E. Do you know anyone who knows anything about C, D, E, F, G? And like, man, no shit. I got added on LinkedIn the other week, [00:40:10] just by a random dude and I looked him up and I was like, this guy looks interesting. I literally said, Hey, you look really interesting.

I fucking, I'd love to know more about [00:40:20] you. We had a couple of crazy conversations, man. Yeah. and without going into details. It is essentially exactly what I spoke about. [00:40:30] The universe put someone in my path. I was open to the concept that the universe was going to do something for me. I initiated convo, the contact.

[00:40:40] So the ball was served, I returned serve, and now we're talking about changing everything that I do. We're talking about evolving my entire practice. We're talking about funding a [00:40:50] startup. Like it's fucking crazy talk, man. But it's still just the same principles.

Radim: It still always goes back to fishing for [00:41:00] waves because you will never catch a wave if you sit on a beach. 

you can paddle out as, you know, novice way, you know, you might even not know what you're doing, but [00:41:10] you will never find out the experience if you don't put yourself in that position.

So you're describing here, it's just like, it always goes back to surfing because the magic will [00:41:20] happen if you put yourself in that condition, obviously, if you put yourself in that environment and situation. And I think what you mentioned about Julie Solstrom, who It's helped me to work on [00:41:30] my coffee company and she's an

incredible talent. incredible 

Matthew Haynes: Congrats on doing that, by 

the way. 

Radim: Thank you 

I mean, I, 

Matthew Haynes: I'm, proud of you for doing that, 

Radim: I just, I just knew I needed Julie to, [00:41:40] to work with me and we've had a great, fantastic feedback and we haven't fully launched with the company yet, but, we created things that are just almost like a one of a [00:41:50] kind and 

it's amazing to actually give feedback.

They'll actually work with someone who, as you said, has been in the industry, but pivoted and it's finding her own feet and she's been getting great, recommendations from, [00:42:00] I've discovered her through Aaron Draplin, who gave her a shout out at Adobe Max, so I used that clip in my talk in Barcelona to say, look, when Aaron says [00:42:10] pay notice, you know, you, you, you seeJulie, like we had to work together and yeah, she's incredible.

And actually I've got a lot to, to work with her.

Matthew Haynes: But mate, this is another [00:42:20] example. If you're just paying attention,like looking, seeing, not looking. I saw her work and I was just like, [00:42:30] wow, just wow. I, I want to talk to this person. Oh yeah. I've just been doing it for 12 months. And it's you're fucking kidding. Look at you. [00:42:40] You're a superstar. I'll do anything to support you, because I know you won't let me down. It's a 

Radim: She's 

it's the. [00:42:50] it's the. magic of actually having someone who isn't doing it for 12 months out of the gate. And obviously like you, again, we grow into patience, we grow into [00:43:00] experience. This is what makes us stronger, you know? So might be terrible at catching waves for 12 years, but you're learning every day.

You know, you, you, you're picking up picking [00:43:10] all sorts of pieces of knowledge because in this book that I'm waving around, which is called Mindfulness and Surfing by Sam Bleakley, there's a great sort of introduction saying that, that surfers are [00:43:20] sometimes considered just basically hedonistic mappets, but what they need to know to actually how to learn, you know, how to read the beach, how would you need to do, surfers are [00:43:30] thinkers, you know, like is, there's so much that goes into the art of doing it right.

And sometimes you think like, well, anyone can be creative. correct, but to actually to find a [00:43:40] deeper meaning and a wider philosophy of why we do it and what we do it for, it comes in different stages. You know, like you do things firstly for yourself, then you do it for your, no, then you really [00:43:50] want your clients to win because at first you want to credit what you want to be celebrated.

Then you're going to realize, actually, you know what, I'm going to help with my creativity. And then you realize just like in you're in that [00:44:00] phase now. I'm doing it for the universe around me mostly. Like,this is my impact. This is what I can actually help to people to do. You know? And you said people need heroes that look like them [00:44:10] because behind closed doors we might invent so many different stories that make us less worthy.

Like they make us less try, likemake sometimes the journey [00:44:20] not seemingly work. Whereas when you get people on stage, when you know when they. Definitely don't commit that criminal act of talking about themselves and, their awards and their [00:44:30] clients, because that's, 

again, that, that's a 1990s, 2000 talks, 

you know, that's when we find the magic in what we do and how we enrich our, other's lives.[00:44:40] 


Matthew Haynes: it's closely related to the flow state that you were talking about earlier. When you're in flow, everything's slower. Like, do you remember in [00:44:50] high school, It like took forever to go through one grade and now we're fucking, I've just fucking, I've just blown through fucking six months [00:45:00] sitting on my jacksie just trying to figure out what the fuck I'm doing.

12 hours a day, like I'm literally wasting my life. And people do [00:45:10] this nine to five for their whole fucking life and call it life. It's just stop, man. Find something that you can do that makes time slow down. And if [00:45:20] time is slowing down, you know, you're doing something right because you're present, you're experiencing life in all of its colors, you're, able to learn [00:45:30] at that pace have you noticed, as you've become an adult, as old geezer, as you'd call it in the UK, that [00:45:40] people that we've grown up with, specifically friends, parents, You can identify the ones who stopped learning and the ones who are continuing to [00:45:50] learn. Do you know what I mean? Because the ones that are continuing to learn always have something really enlightening to share with you and to talk about. But the ones that have stopped learning are talking [00:46:00] about, sport and, headlines on the news that are totally indoctrinated into a program's world that they're on auto.

And, Their life must be fucking [00:46:10] going, at a rate of knots. Like it must be absolutely flying. And I feel like that if we can, if you're doing something that's making your time slow down, I [00:46:20] think that's a really, really good symptom. that you're learning. And by learning, I think you put yourself in a position for the universe, the universe to pick you.[00:46:30] 

Because, if you know something, you're in a position to pass it on. and that's basically what I've tried to do with the conference, except I haven't nominated me to be the one that shares my knowledge. [00:46:40] I've just wanted to be the one that watches and learns because I like to listen to people talk.

I like to watch their hands and look at the whites of their eyes and watch [00:46:50] videos and all that sort of stuff. Like, I'm not one to read books. I'll listen to a book because I have difficulty reading. So, you know, if you can find your flow, you can slow [00:47:00] time down, you can continue to learn. I think it's inevitable before you find something that genuinely lights your heart up and sets your spirit on fire.

Like I think [00:47:10] it's just a matter of time and I think that in of its own is worth more than money, shit friendships, traumatic [00:47:20] fucking, like,it'll give you the power to face your trauma or your childhood trauma. It'll help you call your own bullshit out. It'll help you stand up in [00:47:30] spaces. and call other people's bullshit out, where, it traditionally has slid.

And if, if the entire human race were to do that, we'd be in a whole lot better place [00:47:40] than where we are right now, with fucking wars going on, with human trafficking being the highest black market trade on, you think drugs make a lot of money, bro? Guns and [00:47:50] human trafficking makes more than drugs on a global scale.

People are being sold around the fucking earth. Like, fuck that. I don't want to live on the same planet as [00:48:00] that shit. I can't fight that, but I can create light. And we can shine that light into dark places, and if one person helps another person helps another person helps [00:48:10] another person, and so on and so forth, eventually someone's going to say, Nah, I don't want to be a part of that.

I'm gonna fucking, I'm gonna get into my flow state, I'm gonna learn, [00:48:20] and I'm gonna apply myself the way that I was inspired by the universe to be, and live, live a life that's worth writing a book about.

Radim: you're describing makes me think [00:48:30] about sports people, you know, like you need, Academy. Let's talk about football players or soccer players for the American audience. You know, you [00:48:40] need, let's say you started at age of five or six. And by the time you make that first team, you are 17. So you've been doing it for 12 you've had all sorts of [00:48:50] information pumped into you.

You've been working on yourself. Then you might have a, let's say, if you successfully might have a, you know, 20 year career in professional sport. And pretty much that is. [00:49:00] all about waking up and doing the same thing over and over and over again, hoping that you get a little bit better, just a little bit better.

You're hoping, sometimes you have a shit day, sometimes you have good days, sometimes it [00:49:10] just doesn't work for a year, but you persevere, you're going, going, going. And then when you retire, well, from, from being an active player, you go into coaching because you are still [00:49:20] actively obsessed with the game.

How can I make it better, better, better, better? And this is what you just described about learning because some of our sort of creative [00:49:30] contemporaries and peers, they've got linear careers, okay, I've got, I made it from junior to running this and doing that. This is what we do. And sometimes like for only from the outside, which I can't [00:49:40] vouch for all that details, but sometimes on the outside, it seems like, Wait a minute, but you get studios that are celebrated who just churn the same stuff over and over again and [00:49:50] over and over and over again.

Again, there's a solution and there's a requirement, you know, if there was, if there was no demand for it, there'd be no supply. But being in that sort of stage of life, and I think we talk about [00:50:00] our forties, This is, it feels like we just came out of the academy to do that to win a year on the pitch because the traumatic [00:50:10] beginnings, you know,the chaos and not knowing what we're doing, like working things out, clicking every button, getting every wave, every wave wrong, you know, like it just feels that's just the [00:50:20] beginning of where the good stuff is about to happen because you, while you're about to sort of launch a startup, And despite what the world of [00:50:30] media tries to tell us that, everyone around the age of 20 is a millionaire with, amazing startups, the average age of a startup founder is 45.

And there's a [00:50:40] reason for it because you've, I know you've been around the block a few times, you've learned how to look around the corner and then you realize, Oh, you know what? I can actually now use this for something really [00:50:50] meaningful. 

 And I kind of like, sometimes try to say like to younger generation, like.

Enjoy that the life is slow. Enjoy that it doesn't go [00:51:00] quickly, because it might seem like, again, that sort of unfocused, ambitious anxiety, like, I want to be great now, because if you want to be great, that's a great [00:51:10] start. But you've got a journey to do it. But so you can't, paint the 16th chapel or play, Beethoven, like within five minutes, you know, just give it a time and enjoy it because the world is going [00:51:20] fast, but we can really enjoy how to tune in, in, just sitting on a board and thinking, I know how to catch that wave.

this is my moment. I think life [00:51:30] is exciting. And I think what you describe like that eternal learning and eternal curiosity, it's almost like the more you 


Matthew Haynes: curiosity is so big, man.

Radim: yeah. But it's almost 

Matthew Haynes: [00:51:40] Curiosity is so important.

Radim: because if you listen to the world will listen back to you. If you see the world will see you back.

 So this is why I admire [00:51:50] your sort of tenacity and that endurance actually keeping the conference, not only alive, but growing. And you mentioned plans for the future [00:52:00] that, you know, are remarkable. So, for those coming to TDC this year, what can they expect that will blow their socks off [00:52:10] and make them come back more and more often again?

Matthew Haynes: It's a tough one, man. But let's just say that, I have every intention of starting it off in the deep [00:52:20] end. unlike past years, we've, so we have four sessions a day and in between those sessions, we jam like crazy. workshops and discussion panels and whatnot.[00:52:30] we've eliminated the first session on day one.

So everyone can just fucking fly in from Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, catch the early flight and just not [00:52:40] miss anything. And then our soft start, we've got a NLP workshop. performance, business coach who is doing a, a half an hour [00:52:50] on the purpose of being at TDC. And like it's super fun.

It's, it's really exciting and it's easy to get lost. in, in all the [00:53:00] fucking DJs and fucking gallery and fucking cool apparel and the smell of coffee and great creative directors [00:53:10] all getting in a fucking group and all drinking and missing a talk and getting caught up in that. And it's man, this is your fucking journey, man.

This is your buffet of [00:53:20] intellectual fucking jism. get in there. this is your fucking, this is just, this is every, this is it. Don't get caught up in someone else's [00:53:30] journey. so we're going to have the lanyards. I'm doing that at the moment and there's another lanyard that says, you know, like,I'm here on my own and, I'd be totally cool if someone fucking came [00:53:40] up to me and chatted or if you're just there with other crew, it's like, I'm here with the crew, but this extra lanyard, like this extra ticket thing that's hanging on my lanyard means if [00:53:50] you're on your own.

come out and just introduce yourself because I'm totally fucking rad. I'm going to say hello to ya. I'm not going to fucking like [00:54:00] elitism and all that shit. That's, that's not us. We're exclusive, we're inclusivity and diversity. And so then we sort of dive into the first talk. [00:54:10] It's a two hours instead of an hour and a half.

We've got first nations, elder coming out on stage. Played with a didge. Fucking tell a couple of yarns about [00:54:20] how back in the day the fucking couple of mountains had a fight and one cut the other one's head off and threw it in the ocean and turn that into a fucking fable about [00:54:30] creativity and how you know if you don't take control of your life will take control of you and everything's an opportunity and like you know just really drown [00:54:40] that, that, launch of the conference in Australian culture.

And then I'm going to come out and stay, I will have the title sequence, which is an experience that I'm going to come out on [00:54:50] stage. And instead of getting a big, like standing ovation, everyone fucking cheer and how hard everyone's, man, I expect people to be crying.

I'm sure they [00:55:00] will. Yeah,

Radim: remarkable.


Matthew Haynes: I genuinely expect people to be, looking inside their own hearts and taking stock of how far they've got to go. And then [00:55:10] I'm just going to be there and be like, listen, I'm not perfect.I've made all the mistakes under the sun and I'm going to make more. But we need to be there and we need to be able [00:55:20] to give our best effort so when we fall over we feel completely, totally and utterly justified to get back up and keep trying.

Because when you give it your all and you do [00:55:30] fall over, because you will, So much easier to get up and apologize to whoever you got offside and you're just fucking onwards and upwards and if you keep Onwards and upwardsing [00:55:40] for your whole fucking life Mate, give me 20 more years and I'll tell you how far it gets here But the the conference is gonna go inwards before it goes outwards So on [00:55:50] day one people are gonna be like this is a bit different on day two They're gonna start looking inwards and start thinking You know, where was I a year ago?

[00:56:00] And where do I want to be in a year from now? And on day three, we're gonna start to get the party going, the music will change more, it'll be louder, bit more fuckin house vibes, get the [00:56:10] funnier speakers on, close out day three, then we've got a fuckin full blown rave with six DJs at a fuckin barrel hall, It's open to the public, but we've got an area [00:56:20] just for us.

We've got 15, 000 worth of beers to drink. It's going to be fucking ludicrous, man. It's going to be absolutely fucking bananas. And, we've got [00:56:30] really great speakers. We got, it was a tough one because we did do the open nominations this year and it was like 50 people that I couldn't pick, man. D& AD and the Webbys and [00:56:40] all you absolute weapons that are out there, if you're listening.

We're about to launch an affiliate marketing program for our stream. So anyone in the world can get on board and share [00:56:50] our content and have 50 percent of the take of every streaming ticket that they sell. And it's my goal to build, some really strong strategic, [00:57:00] partnerships with people like the Webbys and D& AD and, I don't know who the peak bodies are in the Middle East or in Asia or in Africa, but I will find out.

[00:57:10] And it's my goal to partner with those people so they can tell me who's the two most deserving people. Cause I don't know who they are from the UK. You're [00:57:20] all fucking brilliant. I don't know who to pick. All I know is that we don't want to have 20, 23 radoms there. I want one radom there. And I want [00:57:30] one Julie there, and I want one Casey Martin there, and, you know, I want a bunch of Aussies there.

I want New Zealand to know that we love and respect them, all the [00:57:40] whanau over in Aotearoa. which is, I'm learning my, Kiwi, terminology, because we're, I'm serious about that stuff. And, we've got some [00:57:50] really beautiful men and women who have spoken at TDC and continue to speak at TDC from New Zealand, and if you've never been to New Zealand, Follow the Design Institute in New [00:58:00] Zealand, Kathy and Anzac and the team, they're fucking incredible people, but one thing that they've been able to really distill and what I've experienced through the creatives who have [00:58:10] spoken from New Zealand is that the Maori culture, like their native culture, it's a beautiful thing, man.

It's these are the toughest blokes you've ever seen in your life. And they're so [00:58:20] beautiful. And the culture is so beautiful. And I just, I can't help but feel like that. colonialism and,the white life, like the modern [00:58:30] day colonialistic life is, it robbed Australia of that. And it's a,deep shame of our country, of what happened.

And people don't talk about it enough, and I'm not even [00:58:40] qualified to talk about it enough, but I do understand that, when you perpetrate such crimes on people, that it does, put a hole in someone's heart that can't be [00:58:50] filled with words, it can't be filled, and, I don't know what the Australian people need to do, but we, as a globe, fucking zoom out, man, like, we're all in the same fucking [00:59:00] marble flying through the fucking universe,you and me are fucking family.

We are, we just so far separated, we're not, and the fact [00:59:10] that we can't see that in one another and that we have to hold other people down in order to feel ourselves up, fuck tall poppy syndrome, bro, I'm about small poppy syndrome, when you see [00:59:20] someone that's struggling, I know it's hard to just give money to homeless people because, they're in a fucking downward spiral, right, and that, that's, that, that's a tough one, and I could be wrong or [00:59:30] whatever, if you can keep your Bye bye.

heart and mind open in a metaphysical way, like in a magical way, in a quantum way. I [00:59:40] feel like that you can give people energy, like a vibe that makes them believe in himself and makes them think, I've fucking had enough of rock bottom. I'm sick of [00:59:50] being me. I want to be the real me and, I strive to try and be the real me all the time.

It's so fucking hard, man. It's so [01:00:00] hard. I feel like the universe is doing, a lot on my behalf and I just feel so blessed, man. And I just want, I don't know what it is I want to [01:00:10] do, but I want to help people realize what's at stake.

Radim: I think you're doing incredibly already. I think what you've described in the last hour, it's bringing people [01:00:20] together. I'm absolutely amazed with the idea. And I think this is something that should have happened ages ago. Everywhere is that extra ticket to say I'm here on my own.

I know you can talk to [01:00:30] me or come and talk to me because I did recently edit of Barcelona as a speaker and. I just, I don't know how some people like Sagamaister do it, just to fly to somewhere without any friends or [01:00:40] sidekicks, whatever, without their crew, because I kind of felt outnumbered with 5, 000 people, in the audience.

And I was the speaker. I was like, I was there for a purpose. And, I kind of [01:00:50] felt for the first time, sort of overwhelmed and almost introverted because it was just too much. You know, there was just too many people, too many things to do, and I, and I was scheduled to fly 'em home early anyway, but [01:01:00] I was like, wow, this is too much.

I need to decompress. So I think that that whole notion of what you do and kind of bringing people together, if you go a lurking student, you give them a pass or whatever, and I have a [01:01:10] good time. That's incredible because, you say you might not know where you go in and what you're doing and what was to do next, but.

the core, the heart, the soul is leading you in the [01:01:20] right, in the right direction. So 

I'm thrilled about what you do and,and I cherish our conversations because this is the conversation that I always wish was recorded, [01:01:30] which is now, and I want to share with the world because it's, that's, this is where the magic happens.

 we've got, we've got people on the stage for a reason, but the conversation that happens, somewhere in the corner of the [01:01:40] venue. Can actually change someone's life. And I feel this is one of those conversations that we've got on record that will, change someone's life and inspire them to actually, 

 paddle out, grow their [01:01:50] muscles, stay in the water, wipe out, know, do that over and over again until they just, you know, they end up having the time of their lives and they will tell about them for seconds to everyone.

 [01:02:00] Matt, I am. Thrilled, as I said, to have you on the show. I'm glad we had this conversation and keep what you're doing and, you know, 

 keep looking inwards for, for having [01:02:10] enough for having an influence on people outwards. So yeah, well done.

Matthew Haynes: Oh, thank you, man. And, I just want to acknowledge you, bro, for Making time [01:02:20] for people around the world and, having these types of conversations with people and helping people share their story. it's a small gesture that I, like you just said it before, it will change [01:02:30] somebody's life.

And I'm acutely aware of that and I take it very seriously. And, if you are out there and you're having a tough time, just, find me on LinkedIn, [01:02:40] reach out to Radhamor he'll just give you my telephone number and give us a buzz. You know, we can exchange a few text messages or make a fucking half an hour time on WhatsApp.

I'm, I'm happy to [01:02:50] just have a chat with you if you're serious about what's going on. and if you're struggling for cash out there and you really want to watch the stream of the conference, by all means, send [01:03:00] me an email. It costs me relatively nothing to have one extra person streaming. And, if you're associated with the university, a design college, or some sort [01:03:10] of educational system, I would like to give you a complimentary license to stream the conference in a group for everyone at the university or design college to tune [01:03:20] into the messages.

 Even if you're on another time zone, we've got video on demand and, You'll be catching it, basically a hot bread. You won't, might not catch it in the oven. You might not be able to ask [01:03:30] questions, but,you know, if you want to get up early enough or stay up late enough for sure, but yeah, it's going to be some enlightening conversation and I'll do everything in my power to make [01:03:40] sure people share the information that they don't want to share and, bypass all the stuff that everyone's already heard or can assume.

And, yeah, just one last time, if you're having a tough [01:03:50] time, what's that say? This too shall pass. stay locked in, man. Stay locked in. Stay kind. Keep your chin up. Brush your hair. Say [01:04:00] please and thank you. and your, your time will come. You know, there's always, sun will always rise.

you know, embrace it. Let it shine on your face and smile. It'll change your day. I love you.[01:04:10] 

Radim: Matt, thank you so much. Good luck with the conference and good luck with the impending fatherhood. it


change your life the way 


Matthew Haynes: exciting. 

Radim: so 

yeah, dude, pleasure. 

Matthew Haynes: I [01:04:20] love your world. Have a great day.


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