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Creativity for Sale Podcast 
with Radim Malinic

Your backstage pass to the minds that shape our creative world.

Creativity for Sale is your backstage pass to the minds that shape our creative world. Based on the recently released book by Radim Malinic, helping people start and grow life-changing careers and businesses. Check out weekly interviews with the world's most brilliant creatives, designers, writers, musicians, makers, and marketers, along with bonus episodes offering quick action tips for the food for thought for the weekend ahead. 
Latest Episode

S1 E9
Happiness as a key to a successful life and business - Craig Black (full)
Mon, 04 Mar 2024         60:32


Previous episodes


S1 E8
Five Minute Magic Pt.4 - The 'Do what you love' myth (bonus)
Thu, 29 Feb 2024         4:07

S1 E7
Never not pushing beyond boundaries - Héctor Ayuso (full)
Mon, 26 Feb 2024         55:13

S1 E6
Five Minute Magic Pt.3 - How selling Creativity Becomes Business (bonus)
Thu, 22 Feb 2024         10:49

S1 E5
In search of the right balance - David Sedgwick (full)
Mon, 19 Feb 2024         64:07

S1 E4
Five Minute Magic Pt.2 - Creative Bravery (bonus)
Thu, 15 Feb 2024         5:04

S1 E3
A successful career without a plan - Vikki Ross (full)
Mon, 12 Feb 2024         56:00

S1 E2
Five minute magic Pt.1 - Creativity Can Change Your Life (bonus)
Thu, 08 Feb 2024         6:56

S1 E1
Secrets for a fulfilling creative career - Kyle Wilkinson (full)
Mon, 05 Feb 2024         57:50

S1 E0
Trailer: Let creativity change your life. Are you ready? (trailer)
Wed, 10 Jan 2024         2:33

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